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Powerful Ways to Lose Weight Quick


Here are some easy ways to lose weight quickly (within a week) that require minimal effort on your part. The truth is there are many ways to lose weight. No way is the best for all of us. Anyway, I will share with you some tips on how you can accelerate weight loss, no matter how you go about it.

Ways to lose weight fast

A. Dissolve fat cells with only hand

This is a cool trick that takes only a few minutes a day to do. The best part is that you can do lying in bed position. Therefore, it is ideal for good when you wake up in the morning for a minute or two … Or just before going to sleep at night.

Rub hands vigorously. Reasoning … want the heat … and this creates kinetic heat. It will take no more than 15 seconds of your time.

After that, rub circles on your belly fat for 45 seconds with your hands.

Why it works … heat essentially “hit” the fat cells. Heat and grease do not mix very well. Think saunas (although no longer has to do with the loss of water weight).

In any case, the heat penetrates the fat cells in the abdomen and wreaks havoc with them … help dissolve over time when you do this repeatedly.

NOTE: Make sure your hand is in contact with the skin and do not rub your belly in a shirt or another.

Two. Take 50 breaths per day

Why help lose weight? Because you suck in a ton more oxygen into your body. Oxygen, if you do not know, is a catalyst to burn fat. The more oxygen you get, the more fat is burned (in general).

Obviously, this is an easy thing to do … breathe deeply. Them where and when. You do not really need to count and make sure you do 50 deep breaths, just try to keep a mental control. A perfect time to do deep breathing during TV commercials.

From here you can get done in 10 breaths a commercial break. So within 30 minutes watching television, you’re done deep breath … All watch TV. It’s as simple as that.

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