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Oprah Winfrey and Her Weight Loss History


If you are struggling to lose weight, you’re not alone. Sometimes it is useful to know that even people who are very successful and have all the facilities they need, are also difficult to maintain your ideal weight. Oprah Winfrey is an ideal example.

Having already lost a lot of weight and looking like the cast of Sex And The City would say, “fabulous”, Oprah recently announced that it has again a lot.

Weight yo-yo Oprah. She admits that her recent weight gain is due to their own shortcomings. She says she “fell of the wagon.” “I look at my thinner and wonder how I let this happen again?” Said He.

With the weight that was, Oprah is now clinically obese. Your body mass index is greater than 30, which is the official mark of obesity. This is the stage in which doctors warn they are more likely to suffer from serious diseases. Oprah announced that, come the new year, which will make a concerted effort again.

Oprah once revealed that he had been sexually abused in childhood. “It’s important, I think, that people make the connection that the weight is an emotional problem that manifests itself physically.”

In 1994, he seemed to have overcome the trauma. She went from 225 pounds to 150 pounds.

Since then, her weight yo-yoed. This latest revelation shows that it is still a way to win the battle .. “I am not my own fundamental rule of taking care of yourself first,” she said.

In Jaunuary, Oprah said to have developed a fear of working out. Many people develop when you are overweight. They want to go to the gym, but become anxious at the thought. The anxiety becomes overwhelming. If this teaches us anything, it is that it is always important to surround yourself with a support group when it comes to losing weight. There are many on the net.

If the experiences of Oprah tell us nothing about maintaining our ideal weight, never take for granted. Oprah says she pushed her weight problems in the back of his mind, making excuses that she was too busy. But keep close to your ideal weight should always be a priority – for the sake of your health.

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